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Consultation – The First Step

Please click on “Contact Us” and fill out the online form. The more information you can give us about your objectives for the project, and your site, the better. We then can then consult with you for free via email or phone call.

If you would like an onsite consultation we would be happy to schedule one with you. We charge $90 per hour consultation fee, with a $90 minimum. On site consultations are typically scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

Feasibility Study – The Second Step

The next step is to commission Shelter Solutions to complete a Feasibility Study for the proposed project. Below is an example of the Feasibility Study Agreement. You can also click on the link to print out a pdf file copy. The Study takes approximately six weeks and the cost is credited to the total cost of the project. The work provided by Shelter Solutions within the Feasibility Study includes preliminary floor plans, elevations, site plan, a detailed cost estimate breakdown, and a meeting with the city.